One Last Adventure....

Starting Character Info

Each person will start off at level 5 with 800 gold and citizenship papers. The characters are not uber by any means, it took them 5 years to be level 5. They are better than the common person but not as good as town elite soldiers. Adventurers are a dime a dozen, although very few have been at it as long as they have.

The following races are allowed:
Human – the most common race in Ream.
Half Elf – one of the more rare races in Ream due to EGR 125 and the extermination of most elves.
Shade – the actual number of Shades is unknown as most are quickly recruited by one of the thieves or assassin guilds as soon as they are discovered.
Drow – the most populous of the fey races as they were below ground when EGR 125 was initiated; however, most of their numbers remain underground; some Drow came to live above ground after an unknown incident in 313 Ptolus of which no Drow will speak.
Tiefling – one of the oldest races on Ream said to be refugees from the northwest.
Vryloka – descendants from people of the Phan’langes; one of the more respected yet feared races.
Eladrin – descendants of the Elves that escaped to the Feywild to avoid being hunted and killed under EGR 125; there is still some tension between the Eladrin and the Morn Woods Elves as many Elves see them as offspring of deserters.
Dragonborne – the proudest and most respected race on Ream; a people of few words; often speaking in Draconic amongst themselves especially when around non-Dragonborne.
Goliath – non-native; one of the newer races to come to Ream; most work around the Bay of Ptolus as fishermen or dockhands.
Minotaur – the most recent race to come to Ream; many have flocked to Riegas.
Revenant – the rarest race in Ream; many are employed in Sariush and Byron though most are said to have settled in Riegas.
Half Orc – very common race in the outlying villages due to orc attacks upon them.
Mul – are considered humans by dwarves and dwarves by humans; many are merchants, some of questionable reputation, especially in human areas.
Dwarf – second most common race after humans although most live underground in Hallerton.
Duergar – also live mainly in Hallerton’s tunnels under a truce of sorts after nearly 100 years of fighting with the Dwarves; Dwarves and Duergar silently do not care for each other but they abide by the terms of the truce to avoid rekindling the wars between them.
Wilden – came to Ream when the Eladrin returned; few have remained on Ream because of its lack of forestation.
Genasi (Earth, Storm, Water, Wind, or Sand souls only) – hail from a land far to the west; many choose to inhabit the small hamlets and villages rather the larger cities.
Kalashtar – arrived on Ream shortly after the Tieflings; also from the northwest.
Halfling – many were mistaken for fey beings and killed during EGR 125; have rebounded in numbers to become one of the more common races in Ream.
Shadar-Kai – once a slave race to the Revenants, now a free people.
Elf – almost as few in numbers as the Revenants; most are distrustful of humans and live in seclusion in Morn Woods; those that live amongst the humans usually are quite wealthy and have positions of power or influence but are referred to as K’silth (lap dog), and are viewed to be no better than the humans by the other elves.
Gnome – suffered the most deaths during EGR 125; nearly wiped out completely; some are still hunted by orcs for food.

All classes are allowed except: Psion, Battlemind, Ardent, Vampire, and Monks.

Each character should choose a secondary profession, basically what they have been doing in the two years since the party broke up.

DM Grab bag: If the player chooses, they may roll for a chance at the DM grab bag. If a roll is made, the result MUST be taken. The following are the types of rolls that may be made:
Campaign Background – 1d12 at a chance of a special background. There is a chance of getting something good, just as there is a chance of getting something not so good. Some rolls are so good, or bad, that only one character can have the roll during the campaign. If a character should die, the new character may not roll for the Campaign Background if the previous one already has.
Property – Player may roll 1d6 at a chance to increase or decrease their starting property. The average start is a small hut in the average area of their starting city.
Community – Player may roll 1d6 at a chance to increase or decrease their community standing. Otherwise they start off a a regular citizen that does not stand out in any way and is basically a has-been.
Family – Player may roll 1d6 at a chance to increase or decrease their family. The player otherwise starts off as married (-50 gold) or single, player choice.

The players will also do a d20 roll-off, either high or low, to see who gets An’Nouik.

Players may also choose one or two cities, one for where they were born and the other for where they retired to after adventuring, their starting city. Players may choose Riegas and Kartare as a birth city but not as a starting city. The starting cities may be any of the Big 5, Charenburg, Talwheat, Rolomsford, or none at all. Gharon is not available as a choice.



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