In the year 1132 Riegal, on the continent of Ream, after 5 years of battle, Emperor Grand Rafis was overthrown by a young temple drop-out named Raymond Ptolus. Raymond’s intolerance of the Riegal Empire’s rules and views were not his alone as he led what was the largest revolt in Ream history. Riegal law forbade the public use of magic, branding it a military weapon, usable only by the trained forces of the Empire. It also made education available only to the privileged and those of great wealth. But the most abominable of Riegal declarations was the outlaw and ordered extermination of fey beings and dragons. Raymond’s fiery temper and free-thinking spirit led him to abandon his mother’s wishes of joining the Temple and instead openly challenging the authority of the Emperor, an offense punished with death and a posthumous trial that always found the individual guilty. Raymond believed all should be free to practice magic, stating that only the individual should decide if they should pursue magic, not the rulers. He also spoke out against Riegal’s practice of putting prisoners on the front lines of battles, as well as his perceptions of favoritism towards humans and those of wealth. The main selling point was his speaking out against EGR 125, the order to kill all fey and dragons. At the height of the Great Uprising, as it was later called, some 15,000 men and women, most of them fey and dragonborn, had fought under his command against the estimated 250,000 troops at the Emperor’s command. Sadly, only 533 survived after the final battle that saw the Emperor defeated. Raymond spared the Emperor, showing him the mercy and leniency he never showed to others. The Emperor was banished from the former lands of Riegal, eventually taking up residence in a small fishing village far to the South and East. The Emperor claimed the village and named it Riegas, quickly building up his forces and power in what appeared to be an attempt to reclaim his throne. But rather than march on Raymond, the Emperor in a surprise move presented a treaty for peace, one that was quickly agreed to by young Ptolus. In the treaty, the Emperor admitted to his wrongdoings and prejudices, and rescinded EGR 125. In the North, Raymond converted the Riegal city of Ormond into Ptolus, the present capital of the Ptolic Region, Raymond choosing to be known as the Region of Ptolic rule and protection rather than another empire. Raymond himself never claimed the title of king, saying that the 533 that fought alongside him deserved the title every bit that he did. It was his grandson, Lerus Phear, that first claimed the title and thus began the advent of the Ptolus Throne. Every 5 years, on the anniversary of the signing of the treaty, the forces of Ptolus and the forces of Riegal meet on the Field of Tears/Sorrows, the site of the bloodiest battle of the Great Uprising, in a time of remembrance, games, and celebration. These games last 21 days and serve to ease tensions between the two factions, increase camaraderie amongst the troops, and strengthen the bonds of the treaty. And thus the continent of Ream has continued in relative peace to this day.

It is the year 585 Ptolus, under the rule of King Ralmond Vise Ptolus. A party of adventurers reunites after 2 years to relive their times of glory and adventure. Coincidentally, it is the time of the Games. And rumors of unrest in Ream.

One Last Adventure....

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